Timber Mod

The Timber Mod is any lumberjacks best friend! One block chop, many tree drop.
Chopping while sneaking will disable the Timber Mod, useful to not chop up your base!.


Forge 1.18.2: Supported


How to use:
Enable by pressing the (default) V key on your keyboard, has to be done while holding an Axe (or a modded tool that is effective on wood).
Then Chop away! ( With Forge the block that you chop has to have dirt, grass or podzol under it for Timber to work. )
Disable by pressing the (default) V key on your keyboard again.

A config is also provided,




In there you can choose to drop the items in creative mode which is disabled by default.

You can also choose to have the axe that you are using take damage from every log.



This mod is open source, and may be used in any modpacks.