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food bosses (pizza boss mod)

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we had the ender dragon... the wither... but have you ever thought about food bosses?

i got bored and decided to make something stupid, which made me come up with this idea

this mod adds food bosses to your world that can be summoned or found in survival. be careful as the food will also attack villagers



an edible biome made of food. you can even eat the ground!

meatball trees will spawn in lunchland. it's also the only place you'll find the ice cream shop

it inhabits food. villagers may be seen there, said by travelers who visited this biome.

be careful as the food there is not friendly...


unhealthy food...

unhealthy food will attack players and villagers.


you have to smelt and craft all the toppings to create the pizza.

the pizza itself doesn't actually hurt the player, and is rather slow. don't be fooled though, as its toppings will hop off of it and assist it in different ways.

don't bother using a bow though, as the arrows will just bounce off the pizza.

pepperoni: spawns in packs of 3 and with bacon. they will act much like a zombie coming at you, and are rather easy to kill.

sausage and olive: probably one of the most annoying toppings. they both spawn in 1s and will roll at you quickly.

pineapple: also might be annoying. they are ridiculously fast and have more health than any of the other toppings. luckily they only do 1 damage. and also they make people argue about pineapple pizza

pepper: don't stand near this topping! it's so spicy that it will explode with massive force upon touch. they only have 1 hp, so is it worth the risk with a sword?

mushroom: they will spawn in packs of 5, but only one is real. the real one explodes with the force of a creeper upon death.

bacon: spawns in packs of 5 with pepperoni. they will run at you, trying to distract you from the boss fight.

with all these assistants helping the pizza, it may be pretty hard to take it down.

after killed, the pizza will enter 2nd phase: it will be chopped up into 8 slices that all have the same behavior as the pizza.


popcorn bag

you'll need to collect kernels in order to make this boss. kernels can be collected by killing popcorn!

much like the pizza, the popcorn bag is rather slow. however, it can deal some damage. it will not spawn minions when touched by the player.

when killed the popcorn bag will release 70 popcorn pieces (including popcorn kernels)

popcorn kernel: these will spawn in the overworld. they have 1 hp, but will explode and turn into popcorn when killed. they can only pop into basic popcorn.

basic popcorn: ordinary piece of popcorn. will run and attack the player. cannot do anything else.

burnt popcorn: this piece is slower, but can take more hits and does way more damage. and also it's burnt which is disgusting.

buttered popcorn: fast piece that has 1 hp! it will spawn liquid butter after death.


ice cream shop

you can find it in lunchland.

ice cream bowl: the main thing in the shop (literally). it has 3 attacks

1. 3 scoops will hop off and attack you

2. it will summon in an ice cream cone

3. it will summon 3 ice cream sandwiches

ice cream cone: the guards of the ice cream shop. their scoops weigh them down but also are dependents for their strength. as you knock the 3 scoops off the cone gets faster but weaker until it is ridiculously fast and can't hurt you anymore

ice cream sandwich: called-in assistants. their strength can 2-shot a villager

scoops: little minions that go after you. they melt upon death

whipped cream: a called-in assistant. they can't hurt the player, but they spray foam everywhere when dented by the player

water breathing potion is recommended because the shop is going to flood as you fight the ice cream bowl...

notice: make sure you are playing in at least easy difficulty before you go looking for this structure! otherwise the ice cream will not spawn in the shop!


meal bag (in development)

this boss is in development. what you read of this boss here may change in final release

hamburger: ordinary attacking food. does nothing specific (yet). these spawn in overworld

french fries box: french fries will jump out to assist this food. while they only do 1 damage, they spawn in groups so they could overwhelm you. these spawn in overworld

toys: there are 3 varieties:

1. steve and villager. both can convert villagers into more toys to build up their group. steves can also spawn as archers (warning: do not let them fight each other as it will go terribly wrong...)

2. toy tank. it can crush you or shoot toy bullets at you. this does not convert villagers to toys


extra mobs...

salt shaker: ordinary food fighter. these spawn in overworld

pepper shaker: they spill pepper on the ground when hurt. do not walk in it because you'll sneeze so hard you explode...


healthy food...

healthy food will attack unhealthy food, and is generally peaceful against players and villagers unless provoked.

cherries: fast runners with low damage.


last things...

i do not recommend you use the whipped cream outside of builds, as it will make a foam tower until it reaches up to the block limit or dies. it's really a bit of a pain to clean up


mod permissions:

mod packs: go ahead, but make sure to leave a link back to this mod and credit me

claiming this mod is your own work is not cool, m'kay?


if you lie that this mod is for newer/older versions, that's your responsibility...


made entirely with mcreator

youtube: yellowbross animations (