pixelron additions

5,031 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Adds items that use commands from pixelmon and pixelExtras

- Healer on a stick for remote healing (only works in dim 0)

- PC on a stick for remote pc'ing (also only works in dim 0)

- Home on a Stick to set and return to a position (only 1 home can be set per player)

- Bossbombs on a stick (creative only)

- Functional blocks (3x3 recipes for pixelmon stones and a few others) that activate when stood on

- Superfoods offer 1 hour long buffs, only 1 superfood can be active at any time

- Spice ore End dim worldGen block (rare ore required for superfood)


- Nether Star crafting

- Wearing boots with feather falling reduces fall damage to zero if enchant is level 4 or more

- Other nonsense


Most items require pixelmon (reforged) (and pixelExtras sidemod for bossbombs) to be included.

crafttweaker is recommended for adding item recipes

unfortunately most items for V1.0.1 only work in sp or require player to be OP.


future versions to include:


more nonsense


made with MCreator

 much thanks to BadKaiPanda for many poking and buttons mashed


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