Gameshark (for Pixelmon)

Gameshark, a Pixelmon addon which allows you to hunt down Pokémon and other points of interest with ease!

A total revamp for 1.16, Gameshark has been rethought from top to bottom, from the look of the addon to how it works in the back.

Gameshark still respects server settings first. For Gameshark to work on servers, it must be both installed and enabled there.

Search types can now be placed behind permission nodes to allow Gameshark to be used as an administration tool, and can be created for a more wider variety of objects.

The custom search type has also been expanded to support Pixelmon Pokémon specifications!

By default, Gameshark can find the following: legendaries, shinies, bosses, Ultra Beasts, special palettes (e.g. alter), quest givers, trainers, players, Ultra Wormholes, Max Raid Dens, Poké Loots, Poké Stops, chests, chests in minecarts, Zygarde cores and cells, and custom search specifications.

Powered by Atlantis. Required for both server and client installations.

New search types can be created, or existing ones changed or removed, by editing the configuration file in the ./config/gameshark folder.

Made for Pixelmon.



/gameshark reload - gameshark.admin - Reload Gameshark's settings.

/gameshark update - gameshark.admin - Send changes to Gameshark's settings to players.


Default controls:

\ - Toggle Gameshark

, - Toggle search type

- and = - Switch search type

. - Minimize search overlay

; - Toggle crosshairs

' - Open custom search menu