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Pigsteel [Fabric]

Pigsteel is a nether variant to iron, it can be used alongside iron to craft all things in the game that require iron.


Want the forge port? Fine, here you go.  (<<< CLICK ME)


Mod features:

-Pigsteel ore that generates in the nether

-Stone pigsteel ore that will not generate naturally

-Block of pigsteel (turns into a block of iron when placed in the overworld)

-Cut pigsteel

-Pigsteel can work alongside iron in vanilla recipes

-Cut pigsteel blocks "zombify" in the overworld (can be waxed to prevent this)

-Slab and stair variants of all cut pigsteel blocks


Mod compatibility:

-Harvest scythes


(To get compatibility for these mods (as of release 4.1) download Link Removed: https://www.mediafire.com/file/htevsnv3ooiz1yj/compat_pack.zip/file ):

-[Fabric] Iron Chests
-Expanded storage
-Fabric furnaces
-Trap expansion
-Vanilla excavators
-Vanilla hammers


Planned features:

-Compatibility with more mods