Pigeon Post [FABRIC]

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NEW UPDATE WILL OVERRIDE PREVIOUS UPDATES. your pigeons and birdhouses will be removed in the new update (releasing in a week) as it is a complete overhaul of the mod


Pigeons. What are they? 
Obviously, chonky birds that eat seeds and dance to music, they're found on plains, mountains, and forests.



All you need is two birdhouses, one tamed pigeon (seeds), and one envelope.

Really, it's not that expensive.



Specifically, right-click the envelope with an item to add it, up to 3 stacks. 

Then set the coordinates of the receiving birdhouse by right-clicking while holding it.



Sneak right-click the pigeon to put it on your head, it looks adorable (alternatively, no sneak for sit). You could also put a jukebox next to them to make them dance.

Once they're on your head, just right-click a birdhouse to put them there. If you then right-click it with an envelope (with items) that's addressed to an empty birdhouse, the pigeon will be sent there.



Once the pigeon is claimed at the receiving birdhouse, it flies back to the original for more deliveries.

Have a good bird-ing.




THE_(Irish)_MAN1!#3274 (pigeon & moral support)
reider#4225 (birdhouse & dinosaur love)
Redberryfox#2200 (render & somehow is still here)
And to the rest of the Stevetopia team for the ideas.



- Forge? I don't do forge :( Maybe someone else eventually.

- Other versions? Soon..
- Mod doesn't work? Click the issues tab at the top

- Why does it require GeckoLib? Good question..




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