Barren Isles [FABRIC]

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-- Currently in BETA, expect a lot more content in the future. --

It's always the same story, lands go barren, dead and in all honesty, useless.

However, the aim here is to make the usefulness of said 'barren' places something of worth, a place to explore, find new and interesting places and survive something where even your worst enemy could be a potential ally. The Barren Isles exists to make it a desert a place where a flower could be beautiful and in the next second attempting unsolicited murder.


That being said, it may not all be that bad.



As the mod is currently in BETA there are many features being added.


OasisBadlands TempleOther StuffDuneraptors



Not much else to say, you can join the Barren Isles discord here:
There is an upcoming forge port AND a 1.16 fabric backport so sit tight, however they both have slight implications so there will be a delay.

Contributions / Helping hands are welcome, we would love some feedback or concepts on future designs, I hope to see you there!

Leaving an issue / bug in the will most likely be left for atleast a day, not on purpose mind you I can't keep checking on the CF page everyday consistently without forgetting, feel free to ping @corgi in tights on the discord for other issues.
Wiki page in the works.



Barren Isles isn't built alone, theres a lot of contributors, developers and friends who helped out, people who deserve to be atleast mentioned.

Apologies if you weren't mentioned here, a few people possibly could have been missed.


Xyndra for helping code (and working on the forge port)
Avila & Violet for helping out with the textures!

CircleF1sh as the former author and contributor

Sawdinodude for making the Duneraptor model.

Planemaster3000 (and the r/minecraftsuggestions discord) for letting us use the Badlands Temple! 
ForestSpirit (aka rather talkative person) for concept ideas.

Big credits to Juuz for creating Woods and Mires! It's a great reference and a great mod, I recommend checking it out!

& Everyone in the Barren Isles discord!

Thanks a lot to all of you, this wouldn't have been possible without any of you.


fabric api and geckolib requirement


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