Phenomena Artefacts

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This modification belongs to the set of modifications of the Phenomena. In this mode you will discover 60+ tools, as well as some super tools. In the future there will be some various dungeons or maybe simple looking mobs. Later there will be an official wiki for mods from the fenomena set. Make about 25 tools from each artifact.

List of artefacts(with effects):

Bone artefact: durability

Aquatic artefact: Speed in water

Phenomena set mod.

How to start?

1.At first you need to mine some basic ores that are from vanilla, that means gold, iron. Then kill some spiders to get some spider eyes. 

2. Find some sunflowers and put them into crafting to make sunflower seeds.

3. Craft mortar and pestle from any type of stone and one stone button and stick. Mortar and pestle will sometimes after you use it decrease its durability and then it will break.

4. Smelt sand into a glass and put glass, sunflower seeds and mortar and pestle.

5. Find prismarine and put it into a crafting with mortar and pestle. You will make prismarine dust.

6. Craft artefact core from iron, prismarine dust, golden nuggets and spider eye.

7. You can use artefact core to craft other artefacts.

8. For now thats all from the basics.



For better recipe explanation, use the mod JEI.

I hope you will enjoy my mod.

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