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Phenomena Structures

This modification is intended mainly for those who like structures that are largely submersible or abadoned styled. There are structures like medieval ships, bridges or lush treasure rooms.You can find them in Nether and End. So far there is only an early progress version but in the future, we plan on adding new things)

-For Minecraft 1.15.2- 1.20.1

-mod has been remade


Thanks for 250K downloads!!!


My YT:https://youtu.be/xBUnpo9yxl0

You can support us by buying server from this site with our code: Davidak


!!!WE ARE LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS!!! (coder, texturer, modeler, sound maker, animation maker, tester or any other person associated with development of mod) If you are interested, you can contact us on our discord and get more info (don't worry if don't know how to develop mod, we can teach you)