Personal Effects [FORGE]

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Got tired of waiting for my favorite grave mod to upgrade past 1.8.9, so I created Personal Effects, the lazy player's grave mod. This mod saves your inventory contents to a black shulker box you've labeled 'Personal Effects' in your ender chest when you die. That's it. The mod can be paired with other grave mods as a backup or a preferred method for advanced players who prefer the ender chest route over the corpse run route.

MC 1.16.4 Mod Requirements
  • Minecraft 1.16.4
  • Forge (use recommended build)
  • Client and Server use
MC 1.15.2 Mod Requirements
  • Minecraft 1.15.2
  • Forge (use recommended build)
  • Client and Server use
MC 1.14.4 Mod Requirements
  • Minecraft 1.14.4
  • Forge (use recommended build)
MC 1.12/.1/.2 Mod Requirements
  • Minecraft 1.12,1.12.1,1.12.2
  • Forge (use recommended version for the MC you're using)

To Use:

  • Create one or more black shulker boxes
  • Rename each one 'Personal Effects'
  • Put them in your ender chest (any slot)

Don't have any Shulker Boxes to spare? Use this recipe:

(any 'dyeBlack' [pre-mc1.14] or 'forge:dyes/black" [mc1.14+] works) 

When you die, the mod will try to put your inventory contents including your armor, offhand items, and baubles/curios items into your empty shulker boxes. Note that items removed due to a Curse of Vanishing enchantment are NOT saved by this mod. Custom, non-standard inventories may also be excluded depending on how their items are dropped on death.

To make sure your valuable stuff is saved first, the mod will not save items like dirt blocks or cobblestone to the effects box. You can add other "disposable" items and blocks to the mod's configuration file.


After you've respawned and retrieved your items, you'll need to "reset" your personal effects box so it's available for your next inevitable untimely death. To reset your effects box, use this recipe:

Don't forget to put it back into your ender chest!


  • By default the mod is configured to run as late in the "death event" processing as possible, so if you've got other mods that can "save your stuff" selectively (for instance via enchantments), they should get executed before Personal Effects. However, starting with 1.0.3, you can also setup the mod to run as early as possible before any other grave mods; you would do this if you want personal effects to be an optional setup for more advanced players (with enderchests and shulkerboxes) while having a more typical "corpse run" grave mod as the default.
  • If you're running with the 'keepInventory' game rule activated, this mod does nothing.


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