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Filename peculia-0.1.7-beta-1.19.jar
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Uploaded Nov 5, 2022
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misc starting bits -


added Mod Menu compatibility and made a better config
added inventory sprites for mythril tools now! fits much better with the rest now
added Lams Dynamic Lights compatibility! most if not all emissive items and blocks have lighting now


- New Weapons:


Jailor's Scythe! The Jailor's Scythe is a new weapon found rarely in Ancient Cities that when right-clicked with, will stun all nearby entities in a radius for a couple seconds!


- New Status Effect: Pourous


Porous is a new status effect obtained from stepping on Perforated Pustles that amplifies any incoming damage taken at the cost of being resistant to Ichor.


- Titan's Blood: Titan's Blood is a new fluid-like block found in Perforated Remains structures that burns the player when stood in.
It can be bottled to recieve a Bottle of Titan's Blood, which when crafted together with Milk and your ingredient of choice will make an Elixir!


- Ambrosia: A new Golden Apple-like item crafted using Titan's Blood, a Golden Apple, a Ghast Tear, and a Hoglin Tusk.


- Elixirs: Elixirs are a potion-like item crafted using Titan's Blood that can clear specific categories of status effects.


The current Elixir types can remove these status effects:

Antidote - Poison, Wither, Stunned, Stagnated

Empowering - Weakness, Mining Fatigue, Void Touched, Porous

Grounded - Levitation, Stunned, Confusion, Slowness

Satiated - Hunger, Nausea

Visuality - Blindness, Darkness


- In response to Elixirs, Milk has now been nerfed, which instead of instantly removing all status
effects it now picks 1 random status effect the player has and decreases the timer on it.


- Hog Horns! Currently found exclusively in Bastion loot chests, the Hog Horn is an instrument type item that creates a loud fog horn type sound.
There are three available variations of the Hog Horn: Cry, Stampede, and Pulse. Hog Horns can also be played through Dispensers.


added The Eternal Graveyard, a massive structure with spooky loot & ghosts, ghouls and ghasps--oh my! (was not completed but still explorable)

added Meteors, Ferrock Meteors fallen out of the sky, with charged Ferrock inside.
added Poprock Pillars, large portruding pillars of Poprocks in The End.
added Walker Statue Ruins, ruins of statues from the fallen, possibly there's still these 'Walkers' around?
Added Perforated Blister, a digestive tract of a once roaming titan from the Nether.
Added Perforated Arm, a deteriorating arm of the Nether's Titan.
Added Perforated Skull, the skull of a fallen titan from the Nether.




added Cryptstone, Polished Cryptstone, Polished Cryptstone Bricks & Tiles (with all the stair, slab and wall variants)
added Gravestone
added Perforated Flesh
added Perforated Jaw, a trap-like block that opens and closes based on player interaction. watch out, it bites!
added Perforated Pustule, a blister on the Perforated Flesh that gives the 'Porous' effect.
added Arterial Bramble


Ichor Mold block retexture, will most likely be redone as we're not too happy with it, but yknow
poprock, poprock brick, and tile retexture


i may have missed more things, apologies

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