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Peculia beta Logo

( logo made by Coffee#1691 )


Peculia - a fabric mod that aims to add onto Minecraft's fun gameplay without making it boring.



As of Beta 1.7, this mod adds :

3 new Weapon types (Scythe, Gauntlet, and Daggers)

A new magic system including souls, tomes, glyphs and more!

6 all new Enchantments to enhance the combat experience

12 New Status Effects

11/12? new Advancements

38 new consumables

126 new Blocks

1 new Music Disc (Lulla, composed by Amber Gray)


and more!



for more info, check the wiki!


you can also join the discord to talk & see wips!


Also available on Modrinth!




Peculia U1.5 update

End Update




Q: Is this available on Forge?

A: I do not like modding w/ Forge that much, but i'm willing to let anyone who wants to port over to Forge do go ahead!


Q: Will you be backporting this to any older versions?

A: Nope, this mod is exclusively for 1.19+ and backporting isn't in my sights at the moment.


Q: Can I use this in any of my mod packs?

A: Feel free to! Just please do credit me if you do so!



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