Oxygen: Exchange

112,630 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 7, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

The module adds a menu for the safe exchange of items and virtual currency "oxygen coins" [index 0] for players. To open the menu exchange must be offered to another player through the player interaction menu (Oxygen: Player Interaction) or use the command "/oxygenc exchange -offer" aiming the sight at the player (the player must be nearby).

Required on server and client


  • Exchange of items
  • Exchange virtual currency [index 0]


1. Place items in the slots above the buttons or enter the amount of currency you want to transfer.

2. Click the "Offer" button, your offer will be synchronized with another player, and the slots and number field will become inactive.

3. Wait for the offer of the second player. If the transaction does not suit you, click "Cancel" - offers will be rejected.

4. If the transaction suits you, confirm the exchange by clicking the "Confirm" button. The exchange will be completed if both players confirm it.

Latest Update: 0.11.1b

Change Log

Requires Oxygen Core

Attention! The project is in early access

Absolutely safe for worlds and players data

Smooth Font mod recommended to improve font quality

ScalingGUIs mod recommended to increase the GUIs size to "large" (if locked)

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You can freely use the project in modpacks.
The source code is publicly available for reference only, modification of the project and public distribution is prohibited.

Send all error reports to the Oxygen Core repository: issues