Oxygen: Exchange

4,385 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

System of safe exchange of items and currency for players.

This is for both server and client.

1. Offer the player an exchange using the option in the interaction menu or using the command "/exchange <username>". You must be near. When the player accepts the exchange offer, a menu will open.
2. Place items in the slots on the left. You can offer a currency, enter the desired value in the box under the item slots.
3. Click the "offer" button to make an offer.
4. Wait for the offer of the second player, information will appear on the right.
5. Confirm the exchange by pressing the "confirm" button. An exchange will be made if both players confirm it. Pressing the cancel button will reset the offer of both players.

Latest Update: 0.8.0b

  • Performance improvements.

Change Log

Requires Oxygen Core

Attention! The project is in early access.

Absolutely safe for worlds and players data.

Smooth Font mod recommended to improve font quality.

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