Oxygen Core

21,472 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This modification contains the API for the Oxygen mod series. The modification adds a notification menu (opened by pressing the "N" key),
a button for interacting with entities and players ("F"), and buttons for confirming and rejecting the request ("R" and "X").

This is for both server and client.

Oxygen has its own currency, but Currency Provider can be used to use currencies from other modifications.


Attention! Version 0.9 is not compatible with previous ones. Delete "oxygen" folder from root game directory and from config directory.

Latest Update: 0.9.3b

  • Fixed sorting of players in lists. Offline player activity status is now correctly determined.
  • Added helper methods for synchronizing shared player data.

Change Log

Attention! The project is in early access.

Absolutely safe for worlds and players data.

Smooth Font mod recommended to improve font quality.

Have a questions? Discord

You can use Oxygen project in modpacks. Modification of the project and public distribution is prohibited.


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