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Army of skeletons



Overlord - Raise and command an army of skeletons.

- Summon skeletons that can join you in fighting enemies or stay behind to defend your base

- Skeletons can be given orders to customize what they do, including their fighting behaviors and what they do when they're not fighting.

- Nearby skeletons can be issued orders all at once with the Orders Wand

- Skeletons can be grouped in to Squads for a decorative upgrade and more controlled mass ordering

- Skeleton creation recipe can be customized with data packs

Guide to getting started and skeleton upgrades

Customizing skeleton creation recipe


Features from Overlord 2 that I still plan to add to Overlord 3.

This mod requires Fireplace Lib.

Looking for the description for 1.12.2 and older? It has been moved here.



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