Overgrown Cities (Fabric)

1,917 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 6, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This small mod was made by SuperCoder, halotroop, and TelepathicGrunt for Fabric's modfest! 

With this mod on, you can find Abandoned Warehouses spawning in the Overworld in Swamp, normal Taiga, and Jungle biomes! Within these Warehouses is a hidden strange block that when you right click on them, it'll teleport you to a new dimension!

In this new dimension, you will most likely spawn in the Wilderness biome. After making your way through the thick trees, you can find the Overgrown Cities with its decaying buildings that you can loot!


Other than that, this mod doesn't add anything else but we hope you like it for a fun hour or two exploring these abandoned cities! :)


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