Ore Foods

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The MOD That Makes You Mine For Food! Welcome To Ore Foods; A Food Mod Created By GlitchedMastery With Textures Done By ShinyDragon96. The MOD is now completely done and will only be updated in the case of a new Ore Type being added or version update.


Crafting Recipe For The Best Food Item:

Diamond Pies: Craft them with 2 Gapples, 2 Diamonds, A Pumpkin Pie, And 4 Diamond Blocks. The diamond pies give you potion effects for multiple minutes.



Added Food Sets For Every Single Ore Type

Added Advancements And Custom GUIS

Added Crafting Recipies For (Almost) All Items

Added Custom Loot-Tables 

Added Custom Effects For Some Food Sets

And Much More!


MOD Maker (Me): GlitchedMastery

Textures: ShinyDragon96