World Stripper

180,439 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

If you wanna support my work, leave the mod in you modpacks after using it to test your world-gen. The downloads support my work and help me so I can keep my mods updated.


World Stripper is a utility mod that allows you to strip away the terrain to view the underground world generation. The mod is small and lightweight with a jar size of 50KB. By using Java 8 Lambda expressions the mod clears away terrain super fast even on slow computers. Super useful if your a pack developer and need to test world gen for your pack or you just can't seem to find the ores your looking for. Pretty much a must have tool for all map-makers, pack-makers and developers.

How To Use:

  • Press the DELETE key on your keyboard to strip the terrain around you.
  • Press the INSERT key on your keyboard to place the terrain back again.
  • Press the HOME key to inspect the registry name of the block you look at & copy it to clipboard
    • Hold shift while pressing HOME to inspect the registry name + meta data & copy it to clipboard

(What keys to press can be changed in the control settings).


Mapmaker / Modpack / Developer

World Stripper is also a powerful tool for map, pack or mod makers to do huge changes to the work. Below you can see a example where I replaced all the water with lava by changing the replacer block in the config from air to lava and changed the strip list to only replace water blocks.



Practical Uses:

  • Pack Developers that wants to check their underground world gen a bit easier.
  • Mod Developers that wants to check their underground world gen a bit easier.
  • Cheat to figure out where all the cords for all sweet hidden ores.
  • Visually see how things generate underground, ors-veins, custom world gen structures,strongholds etc.
  • Remove all the terrain in a x chunk radius for a building project or such.
  • Remove x block in a x chunk radius.
  • Set it to remove only blocks used by example villages and remove a village but leave the other terrain untouched.
  • Debugging.
  • Griefing

Supported Versions:

  • 1.13 [Up to date with all features (Except in game config)]
  • 1.12 [Up to date with all features]
  • 1.11 [Up to date with all features]
  • 1.10 [Up to date with all features]
  • 1.9   [Up to date with all features]
  • 1.8   [Up to date with all features]
  • 1.7   [Old unsupported version made by Moze_Intel]

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You has my permission to use this mod in any private & publicly distributed modpack whatsoever.

Live development: 
The mod is being developed live at my beam channel:

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