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This mod is extra extra small, it does 1 thing:

It grows unique flowers near concentrations of ores, both during worldgen and when using bonemeal.  This feature was extracted from Hard Ores, allowing the mechanic to be used on its own.

The ores tracked are as follows:

  • iron
  • gold
  • diamond
  • redstone
  • tin
  • copper
  • lead
  • uranium/pitchblende
  • silver
  • nickel
  • aluminum
  • zinc
  • platinum
  • flourite
  • cadmium
  • thorium

Here are some of the flowers along side the ore they indicate:


List of flowers, and other information about them, available on the wiki.


Custom Ore Gen

Occasionally HardLib gets ahead of Custom Ore Gen. If that is the case, a fork of COG can be found on my GitHub account and I will endeavor to keep an unofficial build of COG available during that time.

Mod Packs

Go right ahead, this mod is intended for it.  This permission grant extends to HardLib, the required library, as well.