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I prefer to play on my Minecraft servers as a regular player but from time to time I need to be opped.


in chat type...


Entering /opme in chat Instantly toggles my operator status and my creative mode on or off. I can then fix or deal with any operator things I need to do, then I just enter /opme again and I am back as a normal player.


Only preauthorized player names may use /opme. The configuration file for this mod is a comma separated list of operator names. It is located in the folder "config" under your server's main folder.  For security, the list of names cannot be added to or changed from in-game. You will need to add the names of trusted operators and/or your name to this list.  Changes take effect immediately without a server restart. It starts with an empty list.


When you do /opme the second time it returns you to the game mode you were in, such as survival or adventure. The only exception is that if you were previously in creative it sets you to the server default gamemode instead of going back to creative.


I recommend that just before you return to normal play mode, that you 1: dispose of items from creative mode that may be in your inventory or toolbar, then 2: that you move to a safe location where you won't fall or be attacked.


I have also found this useful for modding development and testing mods.

Just drop this jar file into your mods folder with your other mods and restart your server as usual for any Forge mod.
You do need to add operator names to the config file.
This is only needed on the server side. The game clients do NOT need this to use it.

This is under Creative Commons Attribution license. (free with credit where it is due)
YES you may use this in modpacks.
You may also redistribute this.

Source code is included.
This is a Forge mod. No Bukkit is needed.