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Simplest possible mod for making main spawn always at the exact same location instead of the Minecraft default of randomizing your main spawn location a few blocks or spawning on top of a tree or on top of a main building.  No configs. No complications. It works.


Keeping it simple and effective.


This is now successfully tested for Minecraft 1.9.4 through 1.12.2 on servers and singleplayer.  It works.


Thanks to gaz492 and his mod "Exact Spawn" (link) but I wanted it totally simple.  His has config and a feature of aligning your view at main spawn.   This is not a repost of his mod but an extreme simplification of the code and functionality.  Thanks kaz I do appreciate your mod too but for now this is what I want to use. 


TIP: For those new to Minecraft servers an operator command /setworldspawn with no parameters makes your player's current location become the main spawn location.  This lets you find a nice place for the world spawn point.  This is a part of regular Minecraft.


TIP: When I tested respawning in Minecraft 1.12.2 I found that I always arrive at main spawn facing south.  So the view when arriving was always the same.  Interesting huh?


This mod is simple.  Drop it in the /mods/ folder and restart.  Its tested.  It works.



Works in single and multiplayer.

Does not affect anything in your server and my be added or removed with no effect on your world.

Source code is included.

This mod is in the public domain.

You may use this for anything.

You may distribute this.

You may use it in mod packs.






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