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OpenTransport! The new name of MoarCarts! Boats and other forms of transport coming soon! Keep watch.


A mod to add more minecarts. This mod adds carts with blocks from several mods. The current modules include:


Vanilla: EnderChest Cart, Comparator track

Iron Chests: Chest Cart for all Metals

RF: RF Loader

Waila: Support for DSU Cart, RF Carts, and Fluid Carts

IE: Wooden and Metal Barrel Carts, Wooden Crate Cart, (LV, MV, HV, Creative) Capacitor Carts, (1.8.9 only) Gunpowder Barrel carts, Reinforced Crate Carts.

(1.8.9 Only) Neotech: Flushed Chest Cart, (Iron, Gold, Diamond, Void, Creative) Tank Carts, (Basic, Advanced, Elite, Creative) RF Storage

(1.8.9 Only) Hydraulicraft: Fluid Tank Cart

(1.7 Only) Minechem: Leaded Chest Cart

(1.7 Only) MFR: DSU Cart

(1.7 Only) Railcraft: Void Chest Cart, Metals Chest Cart, Syncing of matching config values

(1.7 Only) Botania: Tiny Potato Carts, Comparator track support for the mana pool

(1.7 Only) Avaritia: Infinitato Carts



Note: (1.7.10 ONLY)This mod requires Boilerplate, which can be found at: Boilerplate


Modpack policy: Feel free to use this in any and all modpacks, just give me a heads up that you're using it!



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