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Have you ever thought that long-range wireless communication in OpenComputers is either too expensive or too overpowered?

Well here you got your solution!
This add-on for OpenComputers allows you to have line-of-sight, laser-based communication up to 4096 blocks.


Everything below applies to version 0.7.0 and newer!


Laser Socket

Laser Socket Crafting

ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter)
ADC Crafting

DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
DSP Crafting

Laser Crafting

Semi Reflective Mirror
Mirror Crafting

Photo Receptor
Photo Receptor Crafting


Laser Block Crafting

Lens Crafting

Discouragement Redirection Cube
Redircetion Cube Crafting

A little bit of math:

Base ranges and energy usage:

  • Laser Diode: 25RF/tick, 64 blocks base range
  • CO2 Laser Tube: 50RF/tick, 128 blocks base range
  • Nd:YAG Laser Tube: 100RF/tick, 256 blocks base range

Range multipliers:

  • Base multiplier is 1
  • Multipliers add up when multiple lenses are placed in the laser's path
  • Maximum range is 4069 blocks (calculated as follows: (Shaped Diamond Lens multiplier + 1)*2 * Nd:YAG Laser Tube range)
  • Glass Lens: adds 1 to the current multiplier
  • Quartz Lens: adds 3 to the current multiplier
  • Shaped Diamond Lens: adds 7 to the current multiplier

Discouragement Redirection Cubes decrease the maximum distance by 8.

All values can be adjusted in the config file!


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