Metalworks: Making metal work for you!

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The new name Metalworks does applies to all versions since 1.4

Comment your suggestion on what we should add to the mod now, or write a github issue.

You can see your planned features and there current status at our project page: https://github.com/canitzp/Metalworks/projects/1


Metalworks: Making metal work for you!


Metalworks is a constantly developing mod that adds various machines to your Minecraft experience. Starting out as a simple mod that, added a furnace for steel production (Simple Steel), it has now many unique blocks:

  • Duster: A block that allows you to make unique dust used for further crafting!
  • Geothermal Generator: Uses the power of heat to generate energy!
  • Super Charger: A charger that charges your energy consuming items at the speed of light
  • A complete set of iron tools and armor!

and many more awesome blocks and items to discover!

Thanks to its own energy generating blocks and cables, Metalworks can be used as an independently working mod.

At the same time Metalworks is tries to be as compatible as possible, so that you can use our steel in any other mod using oredictionary, for example.

We hope to expand our mod constantly so feel free to make suggestion on our Curse Project site or on Github!

You can track what we are currently working on here: https://github.com/canitzp/Metalworks/projects/1

Found a nasty bug? Report it here: https://github.com/canitzp/Metalworks/issues

We recommend the installation of the mod Just Enough Items, so that you can easily see recipes in game.

 Screenshot of all machines currently in version 1.4