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 Did you ever want to light up a large area without placing a bazillion light blocks yourself? Then this mod is what you are looking for.

A floodlight in action

This mod adds the electric floodlight (powerable via RF, UE, and EU), a small electric one and a carbon based version as well.


Toggle their invert state via shift right click with empty hand, change mode (straight, narrow or wide cone for the normal floodlights) by using a wrench (and if neither BC, IC2 or CoFHCore is installed, a stick) and right clicking the floodlights. Dye them by rightclicking them with dyes, remove dye with bone meal. Please note that the mode setting is not applicable to all the added blocks.

Power usage, range and more can be set in the config.


Remember to back up your worlds before EVERY update. Newer features will be available in alpha builds, more finished builds will be beta. Whenever I add new stuff I usually will release a beta/alpha first. When enough testing has been done I will release a beta/release. Please report any Issues you find on the github tracker or pm me in IRC on EsperNET  in #floodlights or a lot of other channels (Keridos is my name there aswell).

The Minecraftforums thread can be found here if you want to write there, bump the Thread or make suggestions.



Port to MC 1.9.4: Finished

1.9.4 builds should work on 1.10.2.

Please report all the bugs you find and if you have new Feature requests, go ahead, send me a message or post them on the GitHub. Have fun!




v1.2.0 (released as of 7/6/16 for 1.7.10 and 1.8.9):

Grow Light!

  • added: grow light

v1.1.0 (released as of 5/2/16):

Narrow cone floodlight with the debug tool

  • added: light debug tool (see picture for the narrow cone floodlight with the debug tool held in hand)
  • added: config option to disable IGW Notifier
  • fixed: possible desync of invisible light blocks on world load
  • updated forge version it is built against to 1.7.10-

v1.0.0 (beta released):

New UV Lights!

  • UV Light that damages mobs, animals and players in a certain area
  • enable electric lights to be powered by energy container items for EU and RF
  • add in a configurable cooldown that turned off lights cannot be turned on again
  • completely rework the lighting system
  • some performance improvements
  • some bugfixes

v0.6.0 (released as of 30/7/15):

  • dye-able floodlights, right click with dye to change color, right click with wool to reset coloring to default

v0.5.0 (released as of 20/7/15):

  • new lights: small floodlights that only light up the air blocks they touch. perfect for office buildings and factories
  • the small light can receive up to 14 more models, just 2 implemented yet
  • finally fixed cauldron compatability
  • updating IGWmod compatability
  • fixed version checker potential bug
  • added creative tab for floodlights

New lights for 0.5.0!


v0.4.2 (released):

  • more localization stuff, everything can be translated now
  • and ru_RU.lang by Xottab_DUTY
  • added de_DE.lang by myself (Keridos)

v0.4.0 (released):

  • WAILA Integration
  • NEI Integration
  • Version Checker Integration
  • Carbon Floodlight Fixes
  • added in chat command to clear the light tracker /fl_clearlights, needs OP to run


Credits go to: Pahimar for his informative Mod Reboot Tutorials and his work on EE3 where I have took some functions regarding TE's and blocks from.
Also huge thanks to the many helpful and patient people in IRC who helped me to solve numerous problems. And thanks for the positive comments and feedback I got from you so far. :)