One Chunk Companion Mod

347 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 1, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10


This is the Companion mod for the One Chunk modpack. It makes the only generation type one single chunk of land. It is still very much in beta development, but has the main functionality.



  • Make the mod more flexible, and allow for custom generations to be made
  • Add an item in the game that represents a chunk, that can be highly customizable
  • Add a block that can generate that chunk item that is mentioned in the previous item
  • More coming soon...

Todo items coming in the next release, that have already been programmed:

  • Make the generator work in the nether
  • Add a block/item to allow for more chunks to be made(In progress)
  • Configuration file is a work in progress

On modpacks and related topics

This mod is made specifically for the One Chunk modpack. You must at least tell me that you will use it in your modpack, or anything related to a modpack.


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