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LibLynx is a library made by me, LousyLynx, with the intentions to make an easier mod developing experience. From basic item classes to complicated proxy loading systems, LibLynx tries to automate as many things as possible.


Since LibLynx is intended to make as many things automated as possible, it is open for everyone to make an addition. Since we are on the internet, and no random person can be trusted, you must make pull requests, until you are trusted. Our Github repository is over here.

How to use

As of now, I am still working on the wiki. I will try to find some time, soon, to work on it, but it should be finished soon. Here is the link.

My Curse Community

Since I want everyone to have a say in what I/we do, I have made a Curse community. Whether you are a normal person, a content creator, or a project contributor, you are accepted there. Here is the invite link.


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