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What's the point of omnifluids ?

I was playing with Forestry and I was kinda disapointed that you could not place /any/ of it's fluids, the same goes for milk in vanilla (even though MFR fixes that). So I wrote a quick, small mod that adds a block version of any fluid that doesn't have one already. It does that at the last second so don't worry, you'll still have your free haste effect by standing in MFR milk (what do you mean no one does that ?).

You can place the fluids in the world using the mod's bucket. The mod doesn't have a bucket ? You can use PlayerProxies' omnibucket ! (self-promoting *wink wink*) []

That's it ?

Nope, There a is support for special code for specific fluids. So if you want a fluid to have some kind of effect when a player touches it or something, post your ideas (don't forget to mention the fluid and the mod, or the unlocalized name).


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