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Olympic Gods' Attributes


OGA is a RPG based mod, presenting attributes of the 12 Gods of Olymp - Aphrodyte, Apollo, Ares, Artemis,  Athena, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon, and the father of all Gods - Zeus.

New various mechanics are presented. Each Greek God has an attribute assigned to their character, that are presented in OGA. Most of them can be used as a strong weapon against enemies, some of them as survival booster. The items are rather hard to craft, as their effects are very benefficial.

They also have their stronger versions, which can be forged in Hephaestus's Anvil.

Below you will find what each of the attributes is used for:


Hephaestus's Anvil
- used for upgrading other Gods' attributes into their stronger versions




Aphrodyte's Golden Apple
- considered as a stronger version of vanilla enchanted golden apple.

Post-upgrade - the effects are empowered and extended 


Apollo's Lyre
 - used as a range weapon to stun enemies with Apollo's beauty and charm

Post-upgrade - the stun is longer and it reaches all entities in a radius





Sword - very strong in a melee combat.

Post-upgrade - unbreakable, and sets target on fire


Artemis's Bow
 - the best bow if you want to hunt for animals, as it deals more damage to them

Post-upgrade - deals more damage to non-animal entities, and sets targets on fire


Athena's Shield Egida 
- while blocking, when you're attacked by a monster, the shield sends down Athena's father wrath on them

Post-upgrade - sends down more wrath, is unbreakable, and while in off-hand: gives you permanent resistance and fire resistance


Hades's Staff
 - sends down targetted entity to the extraterrestrial life

Post-upgrade - sends down all entities in a radius

Hera's Pomegranate
- explodes when thrown

Post-upgrade - its seeds explode right after the fruit in a circled pattern

Hermes's Wings
- while wearing, gives you super speed and jump boost
Post-upgrade - the effects are signifficantly empowered

Hestia's Torch
- it's light never ends, as the torch always remains in your hand, even if had been already placed

Post-upgrade - can be placed underwater

Poseidon's Trident 
- when hits anything, summons a water wave

Post-upgrade - creates an even bigger wave, and always comes back to you

Zeus's Lightning Bolt 
- sends down lightnings at all (non-player)entities in a radius.

Post-upgrade - allows you to choose what kind of entities should be targetted with multiple lightnings




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