Shroom Dealers!

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 Shroom Dealers!
A vanilla friendly mod that adds a bunch of mushroom traders, spreading across your world in their shroomy villages!

Each shroom dealer spawns in shroomy villages across the Surface world.
Every trader is a neutral mob, meaning that it won't attack you, unless you do it first. You can trade with the dealers to get good stuff, and sometimes worse stuff.
Also, each dealer has its own special item that he can trade you for a bunch of vanilla mushrooms (brown or red) by right-clicking on them with shrooms in hand.


  • Bay Bolete Dealer has got a special Bay Bolete Throwing Bomb for you, that explodes multiple times!
  • Champignon Dealer offers a Throwing Champignon Smoke Bomb to cover you from the enemies and weaken them for a short time!
  • Toadstool Dealer tends to be anxious around others, so don't get too close or you might get poisoned! However, what he's got to offer for you, are Poisonous Darts, that poison any hit enemy!
  • Amethyst Deceiver Dealer has nothing to do with amethysts (except his remarkable colour), but what he has to offer is a powerful Deceiver's Power-Up Heart! After right-clicking it gives you similar effects to golden apple!

Moreover! Dealers Champignon and Amethyst Deceiver can also trade for you edible Champignon and Amethyst Deceiver mushrooms. Those can be eaten by themselves, or combined like on the photo below, to get completely new mushroom soups that influence your health and hunger very positively!

Meat can be exchanged for any other (vanilla) meat, and sugar cane for other green-ish plants! For that though I recommend getting JEI as well.

You can join me on my server Marwinekk's mods to see how my mods are being developed. Also, if you like my modding style, you can suggest what next QoL mod I could do for you!

Join the discord or donate to support me, so I can improve the mods' quality with more advanced programs!

If you wish to use this in a modpack, feel free to do so and let me know if you do!


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