Old Guns Mod

115,292 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.8.7

A collection of antique firearms. Heavily inspired by Ye Olde Minegunner mod way back in b1.2. Smelt bullets and craft parts to create guns, including varieties such as:


*Matchlock Derringers,

*Matchlock Blunderbusses,

*Flintlock Pistols,

*Flintlock Muskets,

*Flintlock Rifles,

*Flintlock Blunderbusses,

*Caplock Revolvers,

*Breech-loading guns,


*and more to come!



*Loading a gun in the crafting grid will return a loaded gun, able to be fired once before having to load again. Better bring some more guns along  with you. Multi-shot weapons need to be reloaded again untill all barrels are full.


*All flintlocks and matchlocks have trouble in the rain and water, just like the real deal! Guns will not fire while standing in water, matchlocks won't  fire in the rain, and flintlocks in rain have a small chance to misfire. Caplocks laugh at rain and water.


*Matchlock weapons are cheap to produce making them the lowest quality out of the types. However, they do not require iron like their stronger  counterparts, using stone/wood parts and gravel as ammo or shot instead.


*Breech-loading weapons are acquired through converting normal flintlock muskets/rifles via a hacksaw and a breech block. Hold right-click to load the gun, release when the hammer is pulled back. You need the appropriate gunpowder and bullets in your inventory to load.


*Cannons can be rotated with an empty hand, and picked-up while shift-right clicking. A guide to artillery can be crafted with a book and gunpowder.


*Fine Gunpowder must be used for higher quality weapons, like the flintlock rifle, and caplock weapons. Finer gunpowder burns better and faster.


*This mod is enhanced if paired with another mod that adds stronger creatures, as flintlock weapons make short work of vanilla mobs (That is, if  you can hit them).


*Gun descriptions are included in the .zip along with the mod jar which is in a 'mods' folder, along with a recipes image.


*For servers, this works as a server mods .jar and can go in the mods folder. Let me know if you have any trouble with SMP use.


*You need forge to run this. Get it here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/



Feedback and comments are very appreciated. Any apparent mod incompatibilities will be fixed to the best of my ability. Requesting a nerf or buff? A new gun, perhaps? Post a comment, and I'll look into it!


Note: This mod is also my first, so any bug reports and the like are welcome too.


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NOTE: Any downloads of this mod not found on curse.com, minecraftforum.net, and/or planetminecraft.com are fake, and possibly host to malware! I do not authorize redistribution of this mod anywhere, save modpacks like technic and FTB if properly given permission.


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