Old Guns Mod

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In-game documentation is available via Patchouli (required dependency) and JEI.


Issues? Suggestions? Submit a ticket on the issue tracker.



Old Guns supplies a collection of mid-15th century to early 19th century black powder arms and artillery to defend your homestead with!

  • Tiered system of Matchlock, Wheellock, Flintlock, Caplock, and Rimfire firearms.
  • Weapons such as Derringers, Pistols, Carbines, Muskets, Blunderbusses.
  • Create naval guns, field cannons, rockets, and other ancient artillery pieces.

Most firearms are reloaded from the crafting menu. They aim and fire similarly to a Minecraft bow.

  • Multi-barreled weapons allow you to spend time upfront reloading for more time shooting.
  • Some multi-barreled weapons like the Duckfoot pistol and Nock Gun fire all their bullets at once... but still require reloading single rounds at a time.
  • Breech-loading weapons allow a crossbow-esqe reload, and will consume ammo and powder straight from the players inventory.

The firearms have weight categories and tiers of mechanism tech.

  • Light firearms like pistols can be dual-wielded, drawn fast, cheap, but lack the stopping power of larger pieces.
  • Carbines and other mid-sized guns provide a good balance of draw time, cost, and power, but cannot be dual-wielded.
  • Larger firearms are devastating, but have a long draw time and high cost. Some huge firearms might slow you down when moving.

The mechanism a firearm uses determines its resiliency to the elements.

  • Matchlock weapons will not function in rain or water at all.
  • Wheellock weapons will have less trouble firing in the rain, but still will not work in water.
  • Flintlock weapons will have a difficult time firing in rain, and will not work while in water.
  • Caplock weapons will have no trouble firing in the rain, and can somewhat work while in water.
  • Needlefire weapons will fire in all conditions.

Firearms need to be taken care of! You don't want to lose a finger.

  • All weapons have a condition, which is based on their durability.
  • Weapons in fair condition or lower will have a chance to misfire.
  • Weapons in poor condition or lower will have a chance to explode in your hand.
  • Repair kits or parts from salvaged firearms can be used to repair and maintain your weapons.

Exotic weapons are powerful, but their designs have been lost to time... Rediscover them!

  • Unconventional weapons like Duckfoot Pistols, Musketoons, Nock Guns, and other variants are exotic weapons.
  • Design notes for certain parts and firearms must be found in dungeons, shipwrecks, and villages.
  • Config options exist that can enable exotic design notes and stop them from spawning in dungeon loot.



NOTE: Any links or downloads of this mod not found on CurseForge, Minecraft Forum, or Planet Minecraft are unauthorized redistributions, and possibly host to malware! I do not authorize redistribution of this mod anywhere, unless you are making a modpack of some sort.