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 If you wish to join our discord just click the banner above. If you have questions about DivineRPG we have a channel for that as well

See here.
Mod pack information:

DivineRPG is free to use in any modpack, we simply request that if the modpack is distributed outside of Curseforge, you provide a link back to this page in your pack description and/or credits.

Can you add "x" to the mod? All requests outside of the suggestions channel on discord will be ignored
Can you make an addon for the mod that does "x"? no u
I found a bug what do i do? Please Report bugs here https://github.com/DivineRPG/DivineRPG/issues
Can i use this in a modpack? Yes, please do
How long until the next update? https://youtu.be/0d6yBHDvKUw
Do you have any plans to add stuff to DivineRPG? Weather permitting its a concievable thought perchance
Will you add Spinarus/Anti-Hell? Neither of these things are things we intend on adding
Where is 1.16* or newer? We are working on the update, it just takes time
Does DivineRPG work with "x" mod? test it, it probably does
How do i install DivineRPG? Google "how to install minecraft mods in "X" version
How do i make an arcana portal? https://youtu.be/kVfjN6HdyqM 



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