Ocean Recovery

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 Plastic has taken over the oceans!

Now It is your job to clean the oceans.

Don't worry, you'll be rewarded for everything.

Participant in The Sustainability Project – MCreator x CurseForge ModJam


To Get Started you will need to go into water and find the Plastic

You can find Plastic in 2 Different Blocks, Gravel and Sand They look like this:

These 2 blocks are mined using a shovel

These blocks are also very dangerous, as they hurt any mobs which make contact with them,

Overtime if they are not removed, they will end up killing everything in the oceans.

Digging up plastic will normally loose the sand block

Digging up These blocks can drop 1 of the 2 Plastic Items in the game:

These 2 can be used inside a Recycling Bin to get Plastic Shards:

(Recyling will also give XP)

After Getting the Plastic Shards You can get into the good Stuff like new Armor and some new Tools!

The First Item you might wanna craft is the Plastic Picker:

Using Plastic Shards you can make Plastic Armor:

Crafted Same as all of the Armor, but using Plastic Shards.

If you find any issues inside the mod or would like to suggest, leave a comment or join my Discord

You can use this mod in any modpack you like

You cannot Republish this mod in any other website without permission

This Mod was soley Made by myself - with the help of Mcreator

Participant in The Sustainability Project – MCreator x CurseForge ModJam

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