Obsidian Arcane Patch

4,020 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2




  • Not only are obsidian tools, they are arcane obsidian tools.
  • Created using MCreator <-Click here for Download.

If you like this Mod try ''Forbidden & Arcanus'' which is a compilation of all my mods but improved and with more difficulty.

I'm a fan of obsidian, and it's really useless, the only purpose of obsidian in Minecraft is to open a portal to Nether. There are other mod that add obsidian tools and armor, etc. But I decided to add some extra features, without breaking the game.

Basic tools of obsidian, as effective as iron, but twice as durable as diamond, very useful for mining.

  • An Arcane Sword made with obsidian, and diamond, with more than enough damage
  • An Arcane Pickaxe similar to the sword is more effective than the diamond peak, and lasts twice as long.
  • And finally a complete Armor, harder than the diamond. and more expensive. 

Free use for Modpacks.


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