Minecraft mod for 1.16.5 that adds the Nutribun as an edible item.


The Nutribun was a specially formulated type bread invented in the late 1960s that was intended to eliminate child malnutrition in developing countries. It was specially formulated with different types of flour and other ingredients so that it would supply the complete nutritional needs of a small child.


This mod can function alone, but is intended to be used with modpacks that supply wheat flour and salt.


Requires Forge 36.1.0 or newer

Shapeless crafting recipe:

Requires: wheat flour, salt, milk, and egg.

Produces: 1 Nutribun (restores 8 points or 4 meat sticks and 11 saturation)

Diet compatibility:

This mod is compatible with the Diet mod, it adds nutrition to all the 5 food groups: grains, sugars, fruits, proteins, and vegetables.