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Netherific (AKA Phantasmic) is a nether expansion mod for 1.18.2+ which aims to expand further on the Nether than Mojang did during the Nether Update. It expands on all of the current nether biomes with new mechanics, mobs, items, blocks & more, all while still feeling vanilla.


Requires Geckolib for some versions

  • 50+ new blocks total, with a lot of them being decorative and a few having unique functionalities.
  • New nether related foods such as Ghost Peppers, Fungus stew, Polterpork, and Hoglin meat
  • Adds the Nether Reactor Core from old Pocket Edition versions with a fresh take.
  • A new ghostly mob for the soul sand valleys
  • A new soul forging mechanic used to convert both specific overworld and nether items to more "soul-like" items.
  • A new unique toolset created from soul forging
  • Expansions on all current nether biomes, such as new decorations, blocks, and items.
  • Certain features are configurable via config-file and gamerules!

—Most these features are only present in the latest versions— 

"Will Phantasmic be back-ported to X version?"

1.18.2 is the only version it will be backported to.

"Will Phantasmic be ported to fabric?"


"Am I allowed to use Phantasmic in my modpack?"

Of course! credit / a link to the mod would appreciated but is not necessary whatsoever.

"Where can I provide a translation / contribute to translations of the mod?"

You can translate the mod here

  • YouTube can be accessed here
  • Community Discord Server can be joined here -- (Join for sneak peaks and support!)
  • If you'd like to donate, my Ko-Fi can be accessed here

  • Made possible using MCreator