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**DEPRECATION NOTICE: This mod is no longer actively maintained and will not receive any form of updates. If you are interested in taking ownership of this mod, please contact me on [my Discord server](https://discord.jamalam.tech).**


Unobtrusively notify users when mod updates are available


Notify aims to not spam you telling you updates are available, rather it optionally logs mod's status to the console, for servers, or it adds a badge to mod menu (if it is installed).

Notify works on both the client and the server. If you are using it on a server, it is recommended to set the verboseLogging option to true.


  • Fabric loader >= 0.12.5
  • Cloth Config API

Suggested Mods

  • Mod Menu - adds badges to mods:

Demo of Mod Menu Compatibility


For mod developers, details of supporting Notify can be found here.