Electro-Magic Tools

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This is an unofficial fork of Electro-Magic Tools mod made by TehNut and Tombenpotter. The mod received no official updates for year and was recently discontinued. TehNut allowed to everyone to fork and maintain the mod.

Electro-Magic Tools integrates Thaumcraft 4 with IndustrialCraft 2 by adding cross-mod tools and items, such as magic solar panels, essentia generators and legendary items.


Current features:
- Two new drills
- Three new chainsaws
- Five new wand focuses
- Three new types of goggles of Revealing
- Five new types of essentia generators
- Three new types of boots of the Traveller
- Wings mechanic
- New solar panels including double and triple compressed versions
- Omnitools!
- Legendary items



- Make a backup of Minecraft installation folder.
- Install Minecraft Forge (If you still not installed it).
- Install Industrialcraft 2 and Thaumcraft 4.
- Go to the game folder.
- Drop .jar file into the mods folder.

WARNING: To use Treecapitator features in this mod, you need to modify the 'config' file.


TehNut and Tombenpotter for creating and maintaining the mod.

Feel free to include this mod in your private or public modpack if you are link back to this page.

Source Code | If you have issues with this mod, report here.