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Not Enough Pets

If the mod keeps freezing your game on world load, it may be because the website hosting my code repository is down. Try setting Version Checker to false.
This should be fixed starting at v2.3.1—I recommend getting the newest VN release and setting your Version Checker back to true.

Note 1: This mod is for MC 1.6.4–1.12.2 only, and always will be. Why is that?

Note 2: The 1.6.4 version will not be receiving further updates unless someone can solve the gradle building issue with that version.

Note 3:  I am not making any further custom skins for the foreseeable future. But YOU can submit some!

Click here to Submit your cat/dog/parrot textures for possible inclusion in Not Enough Pets!

This requires a Google account.


Note 4: This mod in general is not compatible with Doggy Talents.
However, you can disable my version of wolves with "Enable NEC version: Dog"=false and try to use it alongside DT.

Are you tired of the same three domestic cat/dog/parrot types? Have you wanted to obtain an Ocelot as a pet? Did you want parrots in 1.11 or earlier? Are you annoyed at pet sounds?

Then this mod is for you!


Click here to see all the cat varieties currently available:


Type 0: Ocelot (Available since JE 1.2.1)


Type 1: Tuxedo (Available since JE 1.2.1—based on Jeb's Newton)


Type 2: Red Tabby (Available since JE 1.2.1)


Type 3: Siamese (Available since JE 1.2.1)

Type 4: British Shorthair (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 5: Calico (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 6: Persian (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 7: Ragdoll (Introduced JE 1.14.)

Type 8: White Cat (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 9: Jellie (Introduced JE 1.14.—based on GoodTimesWithScar's cat)


Type 10: Black Cat (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 11: Brown Tabby (Introduced JE 1.14.)


Type 12: Gray Tabby (Introduced in BE but unused)


Type 13: Juno (Based on whrrgarbl's cat)


Type 14: Willie (Based on AstroTibs's cat)


Type 15: Lily (Based on AstroTibs's mother's cat) 


Type 16: Boo (Submitted—Asher Applegate's cat) 


Type 17: Winslow (Based on the design from Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two)


Type 18: Blitzkrieg (Custom submitted—Shayhayhay's cat)


Type 19: Princess (Custom submitted—Chara Violet's cat)


Type 20: Cocoa (Custom submitted—by _MashedTaters_)

New as of v1.3.0: there are now additional dog varieties!
They spawn as strays in villages just like cats do, though to a lesser extent.

Click here to see all the dog varieties currently available:

Type 0: Wolf (Available since JE 1.4)

Type 1: Blocco (Based on the design from Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two)

Type 2: Brown Wolf (Custom—submitted by inkdear)

Type 3: Cream Wolf (Custom—submitted by inkdear)

Type 4: White Terrier (Based on whrrgarbl's family pet)

Type 5: Red Shiba Inu (Custom—by AstroTibs)

Type 6: Beagle (Custom—by AstroTibs)

Type 7: Pug (Custom—by AstroTibs)

Type 8: Border Collie (Based on Angelo from Final Fantasy 8)

Type 9: Boston Terrier (Custom—by AstroTibs)

Type 10: St. Bernard (Custom—by AstroTibs)

Type 11: Golden Retriever (Custom—by Tild09)

Type 12: Siberian Husky (Custom—by Tild09)


New as of v2.0.0: there are now additional parrot varieties!
And if you're using an older version than 1.12, all parrots are backported and available to you!

Click here to see all the parrot varieties currently available:


Type 0: Scarlet (Available since JE 1.12)


Type 1: Hyacinth (Available since JE 1.12)

Type 2: Great Green (Available since JE 1.12)


Type 3: Blue-And-Yellow (Available since JE 1.12)


Type 4: Cockatiel (Available since JE 1.12)


Type 5: Golden (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 6: White (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 7: Black (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 8: Rosy-Faced (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 9: Dusky (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 10: African Grey (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 11: Galah (Custom—by AstroTibs)


Type 12: Rainbow (Based on MineKynoMine's lorikeet, Rex)





Not Enough Pets features the following:

  • When you tame any cat, it retains its skin rather than getting a random one
  • Ocelots spawn in jungles, as usual. This means that tamed ocelots look like ocelots.
  • Every other texture variation spawns in villages
  • All of the JE 1.14 skins are backported and available, as well as multiple custom skins and the otherwise unused "gray tabby" skin
  • JE 1.14 cat/ocelot sounds are implemented, as is one unused cat sound
  • Parrots are backported from 1.12 to earlier versions
    There are multiple additional dog and parrot skins
    Tamed cats now have dye-able collars
  • Swamp Huts spawn with a black cat
    Dog varieties spawn as village strays
  • There is a config setting to reduce the frequency of tamed cat/dog/parrot noises
  • There are config settings to increase or decrease the buffer where a following cat/dog/parrot will teleport to you, and others to disable following of any sort
    There is a config setting to control how far you can fall before a parrot dismounts from your shoulder
    You can control what mob sounds the parrot mimics, and can include mob mods and sounds
    Ocelot-specific cats no longer avoid water, and non-Ocelot-type cats drop string on death
    Parrots do not leave your shoulders when you're riding on another entity (horse, mine cart, etc)
  • Cat behavior, such as how to tame them and creeper avoidance, is unchanged
  • Mooshrooms can sometimes spawn with a brown-mushroom texture


Summoning the breeds:


Note: starting at version 1.4.0, NEP now has spawn eggs!


However, these eggs don't control for animals' ages or owners.

You can summon in the pets you want with this command:

/summon [entity name] ~ ~ ~ {Owner:[owner's name], CatType:[integer of type], Age:[age integer]}

[entity name] depends on your Minecraft version:
1.11 or 1.12: notenoughpets:ocelot_nep (or wolf_nep or parrot_nep)
1.8 to 1.10: notenoughpets.Ocelot_NEP (or Wolf_NEP or Parrot_NEP)
1.7.10: notenoughpets.Ocelot_NEP (or Wolf_NEP or Parrot_NEP; for versions earlier than 2.2.0, drop the "notenoughpets." part)
1.6.4: lol sux2bu

The three flags in the curly brackets are all optional and can be input in any order.
CatType (or DogType or Variant) is the integer for the breed you want.
Age is 0 for an adult, negative for something younger, and positive for an adult experiencing a breeding cooldown.
A newborn is -24000. An animal that just bred is 6000. The game drives the Age number toward 0 at a rate of 20 per second.




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