Not Enough Animations

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Filename notenoughanimations-forge-1.6.0-mc1.18.2.jar
Uploaded by tr9zw
Uploaded Apr 7, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +3
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This update is a big internal rewrite, so new issues might be added? Please report bugs via Github!



- New animation system allowing cleaner control of priorities/body parts/code

- Added the arm smoothing to the legs

- Added RotationLock option for smooth locking

- Redid the ladder animation, now using the legs, removed sneaking folding the player on the ladder. Animation is now only playing on ladders

- Tweaked elytra animation that is a tiny bit more dynamic

- Petting animation for Dogs/Cats(sneak and look at pet)

- [WIP] Falling animation (doesn't work yet right for other players in multiplayer, off by default)

- Freezing animation

- Hugging players animation(Off by default to not cause confusion/not wanted by everyone)(sneak together and look at each other)

- Super secret "Naruto running" animation that totally wasn't created by mistake(off by default for obvious reasons)

- [WIP] Book in world rendering(off by default, WIP because it's not quite how I want it to look like yet, and text in written books is floating)


- Homepage URL in fabric

- Only the person in control rows a boat

- Prevent arms from glitching out(hopefully for good now)

- Animation priority issues like being in a boat next to a ladder glitching out the player

- Crawling animation being bugged in last release