No Default Auto-Jump

690,311 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 2, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +3

This is an incredibly simple mod that simply turns off the vanilla auto-jump "feature" by default the first time that a modpack is loaded by a player (i.e. as long as options.txt does not exist). This is a very simple and easy solution for modpack developers who would like their players to dive into their packs without having to worry about the auto-jump feature, a feature which seems to be undesirable by a majority of players.


However, unlike some "no auto-jump" mods made for previous versions, this mod will not prevent players from using auto-jump; players are welcome to re-enable auto-jump, and that option will be saved. For finer-grained control over default configs and options I would recommend that you use the mod Default Options instead.



NOTE: If the mod is not working and you have foamfix installed, change config/foamfix.cfg option "initOptions" to false, then delete options.txt


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