No Creeper Holes!

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Ever wanted to disable creeper holes while allowing your villager breeders to keep working?


Ever wanted to stop ghasts destroying your bridges while still letting your pet enderman gather grass for you?


Or even stop the enderman ruining your fields, stop withers breaking your mine, but keep the simple creeper explosions and zombie door takedowns?


Never fear, the perfect mod is here!


No Creeper Holes! Is a mod for fabric 1.16.x - 1.17.x which adds eight new gamerules: creeperGriefing, creeperFire, ghastGriefing, ghastFire, endermanGriefing, witherGriefing, witherSpawnFire, and witherSkullFire, which allows you to specifically toggle creeper, ghast, enderman, and wither mob griefing when the general mob griefing gamerule is enabled.


The "fire" gamerules allow you to change whether certain explosions will create fire.


Please keep in mind that the gamerules are set to the minecraft defaults by default (e.g. creeper explosions will create holes in the default settings), and you will need to change these gamerules through the /gamerule command.


Requires Fabric API



Q: Thanks for the mod!

A: no problem, I needed this for a private fabric modded SMP I play on, so I took the time to make it.


Q: Does this work server side only?

A: yes


Q: Forge pls

A: I recommend creeperfix by ben_mkiv for forge users