73,308 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2



This mod adds nightmares to the game. A nightmare has a 5% chance of happening every time a player goes to sleep. Nightmares can do a variety of things to the player, such as spawn mobs, give potion effects, damage the player, among other things. This mod also adds several nightmare mobs based on real world lore, to haunt your dreams. Check out the images for info about the nightmare mobs, including stats and lore. 


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Current Nightmares

  • Night Hag - Spawns a single hag who will attack the player.
  • Shadow People - Spawns 1-2 shadow people who will attack the player.
  • Spiders - Spawns 3-8 phantom spiders who will attack the player.


Planned Features

  • More nightmare situations
  • Cosmetic items and drops for the nightmare mobs
  • More nightmare mobs
  • In depth configuration
  • Only the person having the nightmare can see a nightmare mob
  • Craft Tweaker support to add your own nightmare situations.
  • An event API for other mods to plug into
  • Game Stage Support