Night Vision Goggles

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Night Vision Goggles

They allow you to toggle (independently or both):

  • Night Vision (standard)
  • Mob Vision (causes mobs within a specified radius to glow)

Having at least one effect gives the chance of the goggles taking durability; having both effects active increases that chance, although the goggles themselves can be repaired with iron ingots. When worn as head armor they will also take durability damage.


Can also be equipped as a Bauble, if Baubles are installed.


  • "Toggle Night Vision" keybind.
  • "Toggle Mob Vision" keybind.
  • "Toggle Both" keybind. If one of the effects is active, it will disable it; if none are active, it will enable both; if both are active, it will disable both. 
  • "Sneak" display: optional configuration that allows you to see the durability of your helmet by holding sneak for a second or two (the duration in ticks is configurable). Whether the full durability is displayed as text is also configurable.
  • Configuration

  • - Disable fog in the Nether while wearing the goggles. (default true)
  • - Disable fog underwater while wearing the goggles (default true)



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