Complete 1.16 Nether Overhaul

31,922 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

Nether Overhaul

The 1.12.2 Version is discontinued due to performance problems

I just update the 1.14.4 Versions

This mod adds some of the hottest aspects of the new 1.16 snapshot to older Minecraft versions!

All tools and blocks have real stats like armor damage and block hardness.

The new trees naturally generate in the nether


Ver 1.4 Update:



general overview:

Already included:



-crimson tree

-crimson fungi

-shroom light

-ancient debris

-netherite tools

-netehrite armor

-warped tree

-warped fungi

-all crops


-planks to fences/stairs

-basalt to walls

-use netehrite as beacon base


To do:


- make nethrite item non burnable

- Biome transition effect

- faster tree generation

- shroom to tree breeding

- spawnpoint for the nether

- more Structures / Dungeons for the Nether

- adding mobs


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All textures included in this mod are licenced and created by mojang.

All right reserved to their respective owners.




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