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Nether Foundation



Just your typical nether ores mod. Largely inspired by NetherOres by PowerCrystals.
Includes features such as Angry Pigmen, Ore Explosions, and Hellfish — all completely configurable.
Requires Thermal Foundation for ingots, dusts, nuggets, etc. and CoFHWorld for worldgen.


Inactive Development & Alternative


Sadly, I am no longer actively working on development of this mod. My main focus at the moment is my job.
I may return to this mod in the future. I had quite a few more ideas, but either lost interest or couldn't figure out how to get them implemented.

Those looking for an alternative I suggest Netherending Ores.
I've given permission to the author to reuse any code from this mod to re-implement it's features into their mod.
Every feature of this mod exists in that mod, along with ore support for most of the major tech mods.
Check it out. It's really great!


Modpack Permissions


The mod author, TehSeph, hereby grants anyone permission to use Nether Foundation in any modpack as long as it is provided publicly and for free.

  • If you're not making money: You are allowed to use and distribute the mod however you want. ðŸ˜„
  • If you're making money off my mod: You're a scumbag and you don't have my permission. ðŸ˜