Natures Emerald

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Natures Emerald

 A miner's heaven, thats what it was like until all these evil monsters showed up.

Version 1.2 has been released! Stay tuned for more large updates to come!


This mod is based around technology, exploring and exceptional resources!


Currently Includes:

  • Seven ores and gems with different rarities and unique strengths!
  • Three new spectacular and beautiful looking biomes!
  • 4 Full sets of custom armour with unique stats!
  • Plenty of new crafting recipes and unique textures!
  • 3 new custom mobs and even more to come soon!
  • Around a dozen different types of food you can make and eat!
  • Tons of exploration value and mining adventures!
  • 4 Pretty new flowers to collect in your exploration!

And much much more!


This is a new biome, its called the Terra Biome!


 Here's a showcase of all the current ores you can find!


Ore Information:

  • Kyanite can spawn from 4 to 64 on Y axis.
  • Fluorite can spawn from 4 to 50 on Y axis.
  • Jadeite can spawn from 1 to 22 on Y axis.
  • Golden Beryl can spawn from 1 to 20 on Y axis.
  • Silicon can spawn from 6 to 48 on Y axis.
  • Carbon can spawn from 15 to 99 on Y axis.
  • Aplosite can spawn from 4 to 45 on Y axis.

 The blue is Kyanite, the pink is Fluorite and the green is Jadeite!


Here's some of the armour and what it looks like.


This is a Terra. A very hostile mob found in this mod!


 This is an Usha, one of the first passive mobs added into this mod!



This is an Berrenda, another unique passive mob added in this mod!


This is Greenstone! It's a mineral that can spawn anywhere from 1 to 80 on the Y axis. Has 3 fancy variants! (Polished, Bricks, and Chiselled Bricks!)

And there's plenty more in this mod!


More to be added soon!

This mod has just been re-released! There's still a ton more to be added soon, so stay tuned! Be sure to keep updated with versions!


The Mods Official Website:


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