Emerald & Obsidian Addons

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Emerald & Obsidian Addons 

A mod that adds Emerald & Obsidian Tools and Armor to Minecraft!

A 1.18.2 version has been released! Thanks for the support <3


This mod includes:

-A Jewelled Emerald (to craft upgraded emerald armor).

-Full set of emerald tools and emerald armor.

-An obsidian ingot (to craft tools and armor).

-Full set of obsidian tools and obsidian armor.

-The new Flaming Obsidian ingot (to craft upgraded obsidian armor). [1.18 only!]

-Upgraded Flaming Obsidian Armor & upgraded Jewelled Emerald Armor!


New 1.18 Recipes:


(1.16 And Below) Recipes:



Q & A:


Q: How do I make the stuff?

A1: Emerald tools and armor are made with emeralds in the normal fashion.

A2: Obsidian armor is made with Obsidian ingots which are obtained from smelting obsidian.

The obsidian tools are made the same way but with Blaze Rods instead of sticks!


If you have any comments or concerns, please leave a comment below!


Thanks for taking a look at my mod!



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