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Welcome to the Feywild Adventurer! Are you lost or looking for the power of the Fey?

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Feywild

"Ancient scholars and theorists believe that the Feywild was born from the manifested dreams of the natural world.
A dream bore endless paradise and splendid nightmares. Many wayward visages took the fantasy of the land and bent to their wills, creating domains and courts that would influence the reality of mortals. Cast in eternal twilight, the plane is filled with magic and reins supreme. Art, song, and words hold sway to the "laws"of the Plane of Faerie, an echo to the creation of the multiverse from the Words of Creation. From enchanted forests, awe inspiring mountains, rolling plains of splendor, resplendent frozen lands, and steadfast seas, the fey denizens shall make their homes." 


Come explore the Feywild, a land of magic and Fey. 
The Feywild Mod changes your Overworld into the Feywild,by adding new biomes, and creatures. 
Fey can be summoned in different kinds of way, and you can utilize the power of these fey in your base or your travels.

Explore the Blossoming Wealds of the Spring Court, the Eternal Fall of the Autumn Court, The Golden Seelie Fields of the Summer Court and the Frozen Retreat of the Winter Court.
Meet the denizens of the Feywild:
- The Seasonal Pixies
- The guards of the Golden Seelie fields: The Bee Knights
- The caretaker of your garden, The Mandragora

- More to come!
The denizens of the Feywild each have their own personality and abilities when summoned. 

Dwarves and wizard seek the power of the Fey, what will your goal be?

Feywild Biomes: 

All our Fey Trees have gotten new texture since 1.3.2!

Blossoming Wealds

The Blossoming Wealds

The Blossoming Wealds is the home of the Spring Court.
Its filled with many spring flowers, including giant dandelions.

Golden Seelie Fields
The Golden Seelie Fields:

The Golden Seelie Fields are the home of the Summer Fey.
It's rich with summer flowers and giant Sunflowers.
The area houses many bees.

Eternal Fall
Eternal Fall:

Eternal Fall, where the Autumn lasts forever.
There are many mushrooms and the ground is covered in leaves that fall from the trees.
The Eternal fall is home of the Autumn Court.

Frozen Retreat
Frozen Retreat:

The Frozen Retreat is the home of the Winter Court.
The lakes are frozen and the land is covered with Ice Spikes.
The undead are more present in this biome.

We added fey wood slabs, stairs, fences and gates!
They fey trees now also drop their own version of fey wood for each season.



Dwarven Blacksmith

Most dwarves can be found underground mining and some have build a home, somewhere in the Feywild. 
The Dwarves request different kind of ores, in exchange for fey ore. 

If you trade enough with them they will offer useful mining tools and accessories and they may even offer a summoning contract. 
The contract can be used on a dwarven anvil. 
Once summoned you will have to maintain the dwarfs appetite. 
The summoned dwarf will offer his knowledge in the form of schematics. 

Modpack Customisation: The trades can be customised for datapacks. Check out the wiki for more information (coming soon)

The Schematics can be used to craft specific items. 
(For now there are only a few schematics, and additional ones are added to the modpack, more will come in the future.)

New in patch 2.0, The Dwarf Market: 


 The Library: 


The Library can be found in forest or plains all over the Feywild.

If you ever lose your Feywild Lexicon, just ring the bell and a librarian will help you out!
Warning: Don't ring the bell to often! 

The Library has many books on display, depending what magic(mod) you brought to the feywild. 
Current books you can get if the correct mod is installed:
- Ars Nouveau
- Botania
- Nature's Aura
- Psi Magika
- Dragons guide (Feywild Modpack)
- Eidolon
- Blood Magic
- Occultism
- Astral Sorcery
- Malum
- Mana and Artifice

Also depending on what mod you have installed somethings might be different about the structures.
Like a waystone may be outside of the library. 

librarian books



With the right ingredients and incantation written on a summoning scroll with magic ink, you can summon a Fey. 
The summoning ritual requires a Fey Altar, which can be crafted, or found at a World Tree.

Once you gathered all the materials you can create a summoning scroll using the Fey Altar: 

Now you can start summoning your Pixie. 
Beware: W
hen you summon a pixie, you are bound to their Court! This means other courts might not be willing to interact with you afterwards.
Also note that not all pixies are willing familiars, and they might trick you! Try interacting with your pixie after you summoned one, if possible try to gain their trust.

Once a Fey is summoned it will have a special abiiity: 

- The presence of a Spring Pixie will cause life stock to more fertile.
- As a proud member of the Summer Court the Summer Pixie will smite down her foes.
- Autumn Pixies will cast wind walk on the player, giving them speed and protection from mobs. 
- The Winter Pixie will occasionally summon back a soul into a snowman's body.

- The Bee Knight will protect the surrounding area of the block you summoned him on from other creatures using the blocks. 

You can also summon the Mandragora: 



Once you have summoned a fey, you are bound to their Court! 
When talking to your pixie, you will get certain requests. 
Completing these request will result in rewards or mostly reputation with the Court. 
Some pixies are curious and will just go along with anything, others have their own agenda!

Quest screen

The Quests are customisable for modpack creators, check out our wiki for instructions: Feywild Wiki


Modpack Integration: 

We try to make the Feywild compatible with other mods and modpacks as much as we can!
For example the structures have different features depending what mods you have installed along side with it. 

For those who really want to use a 16x16 texture for the mod there is a resourcepack: 

The Dwarf trades and the Quest system can be customised. Check out our wiki for instructions.
Feywild has JEI integration and the recipes for the Dwarven Anvil and the Fey Altar are displayed by JEI.

JEI integration

Mythic Botany compatability: 

We added an option to the config, to enable Feywild features in Alfheim.
Mythic Botany: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mythicbotany

When Botania and/or Mythic Botany is installed you can craft these schematics for Elemental, Seasonal,
Deadly Sins and Yggdrasil Runecrafting. They will give you a way to craft runes more efficiently on a Dwarven Anvil.

You can put the whole Feywild behind the Mythic Botany progress and make Feywild features only spawn in Alfheim, 

by changing the config to "alfheim_locked"

In return we also got our own flower in Mythic Botany: 

Ars Nouvea Integration: 

If Ars Nouveau is installed next to Feywild, you can craft their Archwood Planks with the feywild wood.
The Archwood planks can be coloured in every colour! 

 Ars Nouveau
Supplementaries integration: 

If supplementaries is installed next to Feywild you can capture the fey in jars....Please don't ! 

Antique Atlas integration:

Antique Atlas
Productive Bees

Productive Bees added a Fey Bee to their mod, its a fun integration with our mod!

Fey Bee




The Feywild mod is currently still in development and we are hoping to add more content soon.
More denizens of the Feywild will come, and each of them have their own unique abilities or treats.
The mod is meant as a supplement to some of the magic mods out there, and soon we will bring out a new modpack to go along with this.

Dependencies: Patchouli and Geckolib
To play the Feywild you require Patchouli, Geckolib and LibX:

Note: 1.17 doesn't have patchouli so there will be no guide book available!

Interested in how this project will develop, come join us on our discord


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