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Filename mxtune-1.10.2-0.4.0-dev.25.jar
Uploaded by Aeronica
Uploaded Aug 5, 2017
Game Version Forge
Size 10.93 MB
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MD5 ce00167eba6517feae9fa2aaf3f9cefc
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Java 8
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2017-08-05: mxtune-1.10.2-0.4.0-dev.25



  • Issue #2 Extraneous input '&' after note length command: Now allows the tie of a tied note to exist before or after an interspersed command e.g. "c.&c16l64&c" or "c.&c16&l64c"
  • Issue #17 "Musician Villager Entity Name": Added language key for the Musician Villager.
  • Issue #18 "Suggestion; MML@ & final ;":
    1. Add a URL link to the "MML Simple Editor" dialog. URL is configurable. default URL is
    2. The "MML@" and ";" tokens in the MML entry dialog is now optional.


  • Improved ArcheAge MML support. Now detects ArcheAge MML volume levels and "does the right thing".
  • Improved MML parsing by making it less strict. It will allow silly MML like accidentals on rests: e.g. "a&a&R+8.l16a" The "MML@" and ";" tokens in the MML entry dialog is optional. Allow rests in between tied notes. Rests will extend overall length of the tied notes as expected.
  • Added more localization string for GUIs.
  • Improved tool-tips on instruments and music paper.